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Our latest News…

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Hello from the Tortoise…

One of my favourite things to observe at Wyndford is when families come together to celebrate a special occasion and have fun. No one ends up in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes, there is something for everyone and activities cater for all ages… as you can see Gogo joined the kids on top of […]

Oct 7, 2019

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Spring is coming…

Well, we were due a snow fall nearby this weekend but currently the sky is SA blue, the birds are up and singing and the garden is abuzz with busy bees and gardeners.  I love this time of year!! That first tinge of green that comes on the bowling green, the bright first leaves on […]

Sep 29, 2019

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We may not be able to give you snow…

Hello, We may not be able to give you snow, but we can give you snow drops… In abundance this year, along with blooming marvelous Hellebores!!  Although the gardens are dressed in winter colours it is always wonderful to see these flowers, they somehow give hope for the Spring to come. When it’s time to […]

Aug 29, 2019

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If you zoom in…

If you zoom in really close on this landscape picture, you will see six jaunty horse butts and swishing tails.  Fortunately, for you it is not a video otherwise the peacefulness of the scene would be obliterated by the sound of us panting down the road trying to keep them on the straight and narrow […]

Jun 1, 2019

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Mid Year Madness indeed!

Yup…. no debate about it, Wyndford Mid Year Madness indeed…!35% discount (yes really!) stay 4 nights or longer between 2 and 13 June to take advantage of this amazing special. CALL NOW 058 2230274 – quick Natasja, Jenny and Angelique are waiting!

May 16, 2019

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Changing Wardrobe…

It is unusual for us to be swimming at this time of year, no not in the pool… but to see waterfalls – even at the front gate today – and gurgling streams everywhere!  Beautiful to see the dams full and the rivers running – not sure how that affects reaping and sowing for the […]

Apr 29, 2019

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Our latest News…

Well our new little girl has arrived… and been firmly put in her place (of course by Humphrey), she now knows who is the boss. Rocky is a little upset and grumbly – like old men are sometimes. She has not yet met Sprocket, nor Molly – we thought a little grace period before the […]

Apr 3, 2019

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Special!! Don’t miss a free day…

Would YOU say no to a FREE day….? There is one going at Wyndford!! STAY FOUR nights of 24 – 28 March and only PAY FOR THREE! Whoop Whoop… who is going to join us for Free time, Fresh air, Fun, Fab Food, Fantastic Scenery and Feet up! Call now – 0582230274 or email

Mar 7, 2019

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Welcome to 2019! And what a year it’s going to be!!

Always wonderful to hear the horses clipping up and down the road with the chatter of little people… sad for us when they all head back to school. We loved having you all over Christmas and New Year and don’t worry kids – Humphrey and Rocky also sit in the driveways and wish you didn’t […]

Jan 28, 2019

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