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Very Slow….

Photos will be uploaded when I make it down to the office….. Working from home as after a short break away in the Kruger Park, where we had THE most wonderful sightings,(although one has to keep reminding oneself that these are Wild animals and not farmyard ones) – especially not a good idea to stroke […]

Aug 10, 2011

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July Holidays

July 2011We had a great bunch of guests in over the July holidays. Lots of walking was done, abseiling, horse riding, bunny feeding, and of course eating. We discovered that some of you are not up to minus temperatures – must be all those from the warm Natal areas! The cold does mean that everyone […]

Aug 10, 2011

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Chilly but Happy Guests

The white stuff always adds to the wonderment of winter! Yes, it is really cold but log fires and brisk walks chase the chills away. The Maluti mountains are well covered today after a day of rain yesterday.Guests clambered up to the Chin of the Tortoise to watch our guys burning fire breaks on a […]

Jul 6, 2011

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Durban road

We drove down to ‘Maritzburg – and back yesterday, a spectacular and clear day with wonderful views of the mountain summits frosted with snow. The road past Sterkfontein Dam is, well awful actually, but only for about 20 minutes and as van Reenen’s pass was closed with broken down trucks in both directions it was […]

Jun 30, 2011

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Welcome to the holidays….mighty cold holiday! Minus 5 this morning and not looking any warmer for the next few days. Slight sleeting and snow on the mountains but the wind quickly blew it all away. Remember your passports if you are planning to go into Lesotho to play in the snow – and lots of […]

Jun 25, 2011

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June Updates from the farm

June 2011Nature is so wonderful…winter has most definitely arrived along with frosty patterns on the ground, minus temperatures and leggings for emu’s. Yes really, over the past weeks they have grown furry white feathers down to their knees that look like cosy long johns. Sorted! Not so fortunate, are our three new pot belly pigs, […]

Jun 16, 2011

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Snow on the Maluti Mountains

Good morning…we woke up to the most beautiful sight of the Maluti Mountains dusted with snow! Now we know that winter has arrived. Will try and get a picture attached… have a great day and stay well and warm!

May 26, 2011

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Accommodation Awards 2011

Once again a bridesmaid….Still Second in SA in category Family Resort! Thanks to all our guests who take the time to fill in the questionnaires.

May 17, 2011

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