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Our latest News…

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Hello from Wyndford

We have a Piet-by-Vrou hanging from the tree branch by one leg, gasping for breath, wings flopping in the breeze… he’s been singing so hard for so long, he’s exhausted. I think the whole area, not just our farm has these little red decorations hanging from the trees. You hear them, it’s almost as if […]

Nov 26, 2018

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Wyndford Hills

At long last…

If you haven’t already been to look, head to to see our latest new born! ….and what a long labour it was!  We hope you enjoy our new offering and will share with your friends and family. That little voice that pipes up from the back seat…’Are we there yet…?’ The Cherries (..and Asparagus) h…

Nov 2, 2018

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All the latest news…

Hello from Wyndford,    And they are off! Well, September has come and gone and along with it our first ever Fun Trail Run over 5 and 10km.  Thank you for all who participated, young and old (furry and four footed! Yes, Humphrey did most of the 5km and was very miffed about being bought home […]

Oct 10, 2018

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August news from the Farm…

Hello from Wyndford,  It would seem we are having a bad hare day… it may not be the buck eating the sweetpeas after all – we seem to have a larger than usual number of hare sightings! They particularly like the spot just outside the fence where the dogs can see them…drives Molly nuts! (more […]

Aug 30, 2018

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Is it coming near you…

Spring….!!  Whoop whoop, we are quite done with the brown palette and looking forward to seeing things pop into new growth. Having said that…. as I write there is a possibility of snow in the air.  We had wonderful gentle rain last night which settled the dust beautifully.  The fruit trees are starting to bud […]

Aug 11, 2018

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Wyndford Winter news…

It’s a long way to the top – but the way you climb a mountain, any mountain, is one step at a time…. Well, for those have you who have done the Chin of the Tortoise walk….  Humphrey went all the way to the top and thanks to Susan Merven’s (who made it to the […]

Jul 6, 2018

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Our exciting news…

Wow, we are so excited!  Thanks to all our guests and staff who made this happen…. It is a positive acknowledgement and we would like to think it would encourage those who are thinking of joining us at Wyndford… to just do it – give us a try!! Rocky has settled in well, he can […]

May 28, 2018

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Bowling green facilities

Strangers and new comers

It was with a little apprehension that we welcomed Rocky onto the farm. He is a five year old black Labrador who has been living in Joburg, but his mom was moving and he needed a place to stay. After a calm trip down, watching the world go by from the back seat, he was […]

May 8, 2018

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