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March news

Maybe it’s just me, but the years seem to be going by faster and faster….here we are at March already when it seems that we just arrived in 2010! Let me start by suggesting a new direction… as posted on our blog this morning, I have twice traveled the road to Joburg and back in […]

Apr 5, 2010

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Direction suggestion…

Have twice travelled the road to Joburg and back in the last week via Reitz, Frankfort and Villiers it is our suggestion that the road via Warden is a better option at present. The potholes on the section from Villiers to Frankfort have claimed many tyres and we would only recommend should you wish to […]

Feb 25, 2010

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January News

If you thought you were weary at the end of last year you were not alone…. We were beginning to think Father Christmas had forgotten us, but after a long search we discovered him asleep on the couch in the lounge! Fortunately all his gifts were safe and duly distributed to very happy children and […]

Feb 25, 2010

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Well, here we are nearly to Christmas and the end of 2009. Our November newsletter got sidelined with the general rush, Cherry festival and jam making. Unfortunately, not with our own fruit which was blown away by an icey wind in September although hopefully we will have some figs soon…We have two new calves, Ace […]

Dec 24, 2009

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Yes I know it is already October but things move slowly on the farm… While driving near Jo’burg recently and listening to the radio, it was interesting that the traffic report after the news took so long, that by the time it finished it was nearly time for the next news bulletin (yes, it was […]

Oct 14, 2009

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Can you just picture this….Ducks freestyle skating! Yes it’s true, this morning the duck pond was frozen. I guess there is a reason we use goose and duck down for duvets! Fortunately the bunnies and horses have fur coats as we have had an exceptionally cold few weeks, with morning temperatures of -5 the norm. […]

Aug 20, 2009

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Hello again from a beautiful brown and frosty winter Wyndford! Last Monday we woke early (well, some of us did) to a warm morning but by 9am it had turned bitterly cold…with the result our first sighting of snow on the Maluti Mountains. Guests driving up to us from Natal encountered thick snow on van […]

Jul 10, 2009

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May update

Greetings once again from a chilly Wyndford! The most wonderful scenes here yesterday with dark rain clouds and a beautiful full double rainbow over Wyndford. Unfortunately the pot of gold did not land on us – we were once again bridesmaids and not the bride at the AA Awards ceremony in Durban yesterday! We have […]

May 24, 2009

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April News

Greetings from a chilly Wyndford! Yes, our temperatures have taken a dive and the last two weeks we have had 5 degree mornings and cooler evenings. Beautiful sunny days are the norm and the countryside is in full Autumn uniform. Tall Poplar trees are all stunningly yellow and our Liquid Amber trees are in all […]

Apr 25, 2009

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