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Our latest News…

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One Macchiato please…. Cappacino our cow had a baby – and a very protective mom she is too. As it is a girl (and will eventually –  looking ahead – come with milk, we decided on calling her Macchiato instead of Espresso…!  Our lambs are not fairing as well, Mom gave up, we lost one […]

Aug 15, 2017

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News from the farm in July…

We were hoping that this newsletter might end up being the white edition with all the snow forecasts flurrying around.  However to this point, it is still the sepia edition coming from the golden brown Eastern Free State. Although not my favourite season, the colours of the sandstone mountains with the golden corn rows has […]

Jul 19, 2017

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Whoop whoop a special in store…

We have a special on offer….. within the 4 days from 28 to 31 July 2017, we are offering a 40% discount, minimum two nights stay, includes all meals, morning and afternoon teas… bunny cuddles, warm hospitality, spectacular scenery, farm fare…. what are you waiting for?!! Share with someone else if you can’t make it [……

Jul 17, 2017

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Latest news from the farm…

Let me introduce you to Stormer…. our new chap in the stables.  He is a Maluti look alike, just a whole lot younger! A gentle soul who loves to come up for a cuddle, or an apple. For those of you who prefer something with a little less height – the ducks are skating on […]

Jun 15, 2017

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Seniors special for June…

arriving Monday 19th departing Friday 23rd June 2017 Seniors Special – Less 40% for 4 nights! (yes really and we still feed you…) … share now with friends, parents, grandparents.. great grandparents! Call now on 0582230274 or email

Jun 8, 2017

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Greetings from Wyndford…

There has been a delay in writing this letter… it’s called a ‘new’ computer – it unfortunately has the same ‘old’ user who isn’t quite on the same page!! Anyway – warm hellos from us all at Wyndford. Sitting in the sun on a lazy afternoon, having just eaten another wonderful Wyndford meal of Creamed […]

May 24, 2017

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A family affair…

A Family affair… a 35% discount is up for grabs!!! and you don’t have to be a senior to qualify! Between Friday 26th May and  Tuesday 30th May 2017, minimum two night stay, round up the whole family for a weekend. If you can’t join us share with someone who could…..

May 2, 2017

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A-May-zing special for Seniors…

A reminder to all seniors… a 50% discount is up for grabs!!!  Arrive Monday 1st May depart Saturday 6th May 2017 for an A-May-zing special!!!  If you can’t join us share with someone who could….. Call now on 0582230274 or email

Apr 24, 2017

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Spiders, Butterflies… photography…

COMING SOON… the SPIDERMAN….  (who took these amazing pictures) and who will help kids (and adults..) get close, explore and photograph Butterflies, Spiders, Scorpions (no having to worry what inquisitive boys will find under rocks) and more in a fun filled weekend. Plan ahead for the 19 – 21 May or 13 – 15 October [&he…

Apr 12, 2017

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Hello April…

Autumn seems to be seeping in very slowly… very cool mornings lead into very warm days.  Walking the side walk yesterday with the pups was certainly puff stuff (well ok, for some of us…) with the sun beating down it felt more like high summer!     It was with hugely heavy hearts that we […]

Apr 6, 2017

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