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Apr 29, 2019

Changing Wardrobe…

Autumn palette…

It is unusual for us to be swimming at this time of year, no not in the pool… but to see waterfalls – even at the front gate today – and gurgling streams everywhere!  Beautiful to see the dams full and the rivers running – not sure how that affects reaping and sowing for the farmers in the area but it has been a treat after the last dry months…

We had a wonderful full house over the Easter weekend with great guests who coped very well with the soggy conditions – lots of crafts, board games, table tennis and log fire reading.

Nature is currently changing wardrobes and everything is clothed in shades of yellow, orange and red.  The liquid Ambers at the church have their full finery on as does the tennis court with its curtain of red.  Charlotte (our tortoise) as been scarce and the sheep are well catered for in their wooly coats. Buster and Lady had the ride of their lives recently on the new route with a record time of one hour and fifteen minutes… (yes, we had a young endurance rider with us) – they are now all putting hoofs up for kids led ride duty!

Happy kids = Happy parents!

Laura, a mom of two toddlers, once commented  ‘Best relaxing holiday a mother of little kids could ask for’. No planning meals and shopping, no cooking or cleaning, it’s all done for you –  sit back and let us spoil you! You have just enough time to book this treat for the Moms in your lives! Call the office now 058-2230274…. We’re waiting!   Don’t worry dads it’s your turn in June with a 4×4 drive and braai.

The last few mornings we have woken to the quietness that mist brings as it shrouds the mountains and valleys.  It means a very pale tortoise rises above the farm until the sun warms it up!

Happy and warm hugs from the Wyndford Team

Apr 29, 2019