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Hello from the Tortoise…

Kids jumping into the air

One of my favourite things to observe at Wyndford is when families come together to celebrate a special occasion and have fun. No one ends up in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes, there is something for everyone and activities cater for all ages… as you can see Gogo joined the kids on top of the mountain! Thanks to de Jong and Fourie families for the amazing pictures and for bearing with us the night we lost 40,000 litres of water out of our tanks (long story), there were no phones to call reception as our new switchboard was being installed, and then Eskom went down at the same time….

Quite a way to celebrate your 70th birthday!

A good way to approach to end of the year madness is to join us on the half term weekend from the 24 – 28 October for a little bit of calm, fresh air and soul food (and, maybe a bit of other food too!) There is still availability so round up some friends and let us spoil you, after all it’s only 12 weeks to Christmas. (Must go and check on the Reindeers…)
Well now, we have ordered a bigger bus…so there is still space for the 3 – 8 November tour which also includes transport and trips to cherry farms, wine tasting and cheese making. Later in November, there are still a couple of rooms open for our Fun Bowls week from the 17 – 22, then on the same weekend as the Cherry festival in Ficksburg 22 – 24 November. We are hosting botanist Pieter Bester, in our Walking with Wildflowers Weekend. Remember some of the amazing beauties from last year and you don’t need to be an expert – just love flowers and outdoors…

The Ouhouts are Blooming Marvellously…

George took newness of Spring seriously and decided to surprise us all with a triple bypass. It is not a good idea to make someone chuckle who has 76 staples zipping down his body, but I told him if he had a few more in the middle he would have had a onesie! Thank you all for your love, support and care, each day he is better, stronger and has a little more Spring in his step. We all had trouble keeping up with him before… Our sheep have multiplied again and we have some really cute lambs who are experts at Spring dancing! Millie, Molly, Rocky, Bandit, Humphrey (of course – I think he has taken over Ponti’s role – he always used to chirp at newsletter time if he wasn’t mentioned in well, person) and all the crew send greetings!