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Spring has indeed Sprung…

Spring has indeed sprung! And how beautiful it is. Blossoms are out whichever way you look – star of Bethlehem coats the garden in blues along with the irises, violets and of course there is the inevitable pop-up dog or cat lolling in the coolness of it all. With our gong ringing out to summon children from their play for teas and meals – or waking up a tired mom – we are starting to get back into rhythm.  It has a few new beats, yes – the odd clashing symbol as we do things in different ways – but things are starting to sound out with beautiful songs again. (Although the old favorites like the chatter of children on horses are still a joy!)

Speaking of the horses – they are starting to get used to working for their grass again – although I imagine sometimes they would like to roll on their back cover their eyes and groan – maybe the grass was greener on the other side.  Our small herd of sheep (started with Mary, Rambo and Little Lamb) are increasing by the day.  They seem to be popping out twins every time we look – we started with Spring and Sprung but think the next ones might be Pop and Corn… The Emu’s are still…. sitting on their  eggs – at this rate they could come out hard boiled.

George and I are grateful and proud of the way our team has pulled together to make this all happen. A cook also works in the veggie garden, the GM is busy with laundry, the kitchen manager is busy washing windows… No it hasn’t been easy but Wyndford it seems, is meant to be here a little longer! Maybe once again the tortoise wins the race…

Of course, the missing note in this new symphony is YOU! Time to sit on top of the mountains and watch the clouds drift by. Sit at the table and have a meal you didn’t have think about, make or clean up after – placed before you with a smile. Lie on the grass under a flowering pear tree and listen to the birds. Whatever gives you joy – you’ll be sure to find it here! Call the girls now…

and soon you’ll be driving up to their warm welcome!

PS October is just the prettiest month on the farm… just saying!

PPS The battle of the buck…but we’ll leave that for next time.