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There is always cake…

You might well be wondering, what sort of rabbit hole we all fell into this year…It has been a confusing and different world. But not all things change… you can still escape your everyday life and tumble into the wonderland that is Wyndford. We have many strange and unusual inhabitants (definitely not going into names here…!) And so much to do (flying through the forest, climbing the giant tortoise ) and so much to eat…Whimsical it may be, but you can hold onto this… there is always cake! Everything is better with Cake, or it would seem for many of you it’s our soup that does it….We are shaking out the Christmas lights, dusting off Santa and stirring up some magic in the kitchen. And the good news.. you can be part of this!

We have availability for Christmas and New Year – as well as before and after. Don’t wait, round up the family now! (You never know when the next rabbit hole will appear…)Or you could just go and wait in the garden for Tea…. Hold onto your hats! (((Hugs))) from the Wyndford team