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Jan 28, 2019

Welcome to 2019! And what a year it’s going to be!!

Bandit, Buster, Stormer and Lady say Hi…

Always wonderful to hear the horses clipping up and down the road with the chatter of little people… sad for us when they all head back to school. We loved having you all over Christmas and New Year and don’t worry kids – Humphrey and Rocky also sit in the driveways and wish you didn’t have to leave… they said to tell you to do well at school until they see you again. (PS … we have a one week old baby but more about that later)
We are excited about 2019 because …
Next year will be Wyndfords’ 100th Year! 
Yes really…. Whoop whoop – sorry, New Year is already fully booked BUT there is plenty of opportunity to join us in our 99th. Already we have a special in March where the KIDS STAY FREE!! 1 – 3 March (and yes they have to be yours) – but Grandparents, Moms, Dads call now! Natasja, Jenny or Angelique will chat to you 058-2230274.
Horses it would seem have always been part of Wyndford. This picture has the big drip in the background – above pulpit rock – so many of you have walked there, and our horses still ride trails along these routes. More about this history next time…

Riders in the early days

As we look back let’s also look ahead – here and now – healthy lifestyle! Wyndford’s Fun Trail Run is happening on the 9th February – if you don’t like to run bring someone who does and sit under a cool tree and watch. Such fun! (I think we should call it the Hattingh Cup – miss you all!) Oh there is just so much to say… 

Grapes are blooming…

The Grapes are just beginning to bloom, we have just picked a juicy crop of pears and WOW the porcinis’ are popping out.
Join us – come see – we will look after you very (very) well!

and this concludes our Merry tail…..

Jan 28, 2019