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Welcome to the journey that is Wyndford’s 100th year…

And to kick off this 2020 decade remember our 40% seniors discount that applies between the 10th and 17th January. Stay for four nights or longer and start the year off well…
After cutting down a Christmas tree from next to the tennis court the kids had great fun decorating it at it’s new location near the pool. Christmas eve dinner was our usual festive meal, with unusually (at this time of year)… red sweet peas as part of the table decoration.
Santa got the co-ordinates right but had to get a lift on Bob, the tractor, who then after the exuberant present distribution ended, decided not to restart so Santa went back to the reindeers – (who are obviously a far more reliable means of transport) by quad bike! A Turkey spit with Chickens on the side and sticky ribs then followed for lunch and of course Rudolf and Elf Jelly, along with Toasted Marshmallow ice cream. Well Christmas has come and gone but the message lasts forever…

Milly Martin who was the first owner of Wyndford, was a Scots lady, so we decided to do a Scottish themed New Year – Hogmanay, only realizing at the last minute we didn’t have a Nessie… Very special for George and I to have our children and grandchildren with us this year, and as Amelia is Scottish and her maiden name was Martin… well, at least one person had the accent right on the evening! Caber tossing, ceilidh dancing and of course a midnight swim with a certain monster…

We would like to salute all who have had the vision for Wyndford over the last century.
As our Wyndford family we thought we would let you know what our plans are for 2020.
George are I are retiring and as our children are both happy and settled overseas, we come to the question of who to pass the baton onto….
As faithful friends of Wyndford and us over the years, we wanted to let you know that we’d love to find new owners to carry on the vision of Wyndford. We’re sharing this with you should you know of someone who is interested in purchasing the Wyndford family business and take this amazing place into its second hundred years. Please contact
We have had some amazing rains (and spectacular storms) over the last few weeks and nearly 200mm of rain. Double rainbows and all… Guests were able to tube down the river, which after being able to walk in the middle of the river recently, was amazing! Our appreciation goes to all our guests who were water friendly, Kevin Jordaan for generous loads of water and David Exley for amazing tanker deliveries during this time of water shortages. We would wish you all an amazing 2020 ahead from us all (ok Humphrey…. will mention you by name!)
The Wyndford Team.